Weight Loss and Becoming Healthier

For his birthday in January, Caleb got a treadmill.  Since then, he has been working very hard to become more healthy.  He is very conscious about what he eats each day and on most days, he walks on the his treadmill twice, for 45 minutes each.  He started out at smaller time segments, but then increased them because he wanted to have more daily steps than his dad, which he accomplished.  He keeps track of his steps on his phone and Fitbit watch, which he also received for his birthday.  Due to all of his hard work, he has now lost 30 pounds, as you can see from the before and after pictures.  Way to go Caleb!

Faking Out the Fitbit

So, Caleb got a new Fitbit for his birthday. He recently wore it  for the first time. As his dad is checking email at the end of the day, he sees a congratulations message from Fitbit, commending him on walking 10,000 steps for the first time. His dad knows this is impossible, as he spent most of the day sitting and watching football. So they were thinking that something is wrong with the equipment, until they discovered that he had been listening to his iPod and playing air drums during the entire second game.

Bachelor Degree

One night, Caleb was watching the evening news with his mom. The news team was doing a report on jobs and career searches. As part of that, a reporter mentioned that for certain types of jobs, it was important to have a Bachelor degree. Instantly, Caleb started laughing. He thought it was hilarious that someone would go to college to get a degree in how to be a single man.

Talking my ears off

When Caleb was young, his speech was slow in developing. We used to wonder when he would be able to talk and carry on a conversation. Well, those days are long gone. Caleb is a talker. One day, when I called my wife at home, I could hear him, in the background, continuing to talk away, even though we were on the phone. I asked my wife to give him the phone. I told him, “Now, I don’t want you to be talking your Mom’s ears off all day. You have to give her a break.” He replied, “Okay Dad. I know. I will talk my own ears off.”